Kevin Peter Carroll to Reform Wacky NYC Laws

Brooklyn, New York: Candidate for the New York City Council, 43rd District, Kevin Peter Carroll believes it is time that the city and the state update many of the cockamamie laws still on the books. This announcement comes following a June 19, 2016 article out of the New York Post and a listicle posted this week on List 25 detailing some of these ridiculous and outdated statutes. Among the laws in dire need of repeal are ones stating that it is illegal to carry an ice cream cone in one's pocket on Sundays and bans on performances of puppet shows in windows.

"From my time working for the City Council, I have learned that New York City has many laws that are out-of-date and need to be repealed," said Kevin Peter Carroll. "Though I am a proud Democrat, it is time that my party starts embracing small government. As your councilman, I promise that, on my first day, I will introduce legislation to finally allow puppet shows in windows – a fiscally conservative form of entertainment.

"I pledge that every Sunday, starting tomorrow and continuing until this law is repealed, I will buy an ice cream cone and promptly put it in my pocket. I encourage my friends in law enforcement to arrest me so this statute can finally see its day in court.

Carroll takes exception to criminalizing fairy tale characters. "It came as a shock to me that in New York State, it is illegal to wear slippers after 10 pm. We are criminalizing Cinderella having until midnight to find Prince Charming. I plan to sponsor a home rule message allowing people to wear whatever footwear they want whenever they want – including both crocs and slippers.

"Finally, as a strong environmentalist, on this first day of April, it would be foolish of me to not set-up a clothesline outside my apartment – assuming that it does not break my tenant agreement."

Kevin Peter Carroll all New Yorkers to go to his website to inform him of any other ridiculous laws they feel should should be repealed.