Kevin Peter Carroll Welcomes Rivals into MTA Clean-up Fight

Brooklyn, New York: Kevin Peter Carroll, candidate for the New York City Council for the 43rd District, has been talking about the issues surrounding the dysfunctions within the MTA for years and is glad that the other candidates in the race are also finally giving the issue the attention it deserves.

“It’s great to see that finally other candidates running for the 43rd District Council Seat have come around and agree that this is an important and relevant subject for the 43rd District” said Kevin Peter Carroll.

Put simply, the MTA offers poor service, which means it’s wasting taxpayers money, which means something needs to change. In 2010, Kevin Peter ran a successful campaign for Democratic District Leader in part on the issue of abolishing the MTA and giving control of it to NYC DOT.

In his time as District Leader, Kevin Peter has fought to bring back our B37 bus route and supported the elevator at the 86th Street subway station.

As a Councilman, Kevin will work with partners in government to ensure that proper funding is allocated to make subway stations ADA-compliant and that when major restoration work is done on a station, a budget line is included in the project for adding elevators and additional work to make the station fully accessible.

“It always seems like the R,or N Train is dealing with some kind of issue, it’s either shut down for repairs or its running late for reasons that are never apparent” said Carroll. “When I’m elected, I’ll make sure our transit system is held to the standards befitting the greatest city in the world.”