Sal Albanese Endorses Kevin Peter Carroll

Kevin Peter Carroll, candidate for the New York City Council for the 43rd District, today received the endorsement of Sal Albanese, former Councilman from the same district. Councilman Albanese, himself a candidate for Mayor, served over four terms in the council and, believing in the need for reform and fresh faces and ideas, fought to enact term limits.

“I have known Kevin since he was seven years old when he volunteered for my City Council races,” Sal Albanese said. “He has always championed the public interest. I whole heartily endorse him for City Council!”

“I am honored to have received Councilman Albanese’s endorsement,” said Kevin Peter Carroll. “Like Sal, I have made government reform a centerpiece of my campaign. I have called for amendments to the City Charter subject to confirmation by the council and for incumbency protection to be a factor that is considered when district lines are redrawn. Though he and I don’t agree on every issue, we both see that this city should be run for the benefit of the people, not special interests, lobbyists, developers or the council members themselves.”

Kevin’s life-long mission has been to build an equitable and accountable city government, maintaining environmental protections and fixing the transit system. He wants commonsense solutions to everyday problems and is looking forward to working on these issues once elected to City Council.