Kevin Peter Carroll Against Holding A Con-Con

Brooklyn New York: Kevin Peter Carroll, candidate for New York City Council for the 43rd District is saying “No” on holding a Constitutional Convention.

A state Constitutional Convention, or “Con-Con,” is a conference of state delegates who convene to rewrite the New York State Constitution.

“A Constitutional Convention could be a complete disaster for New York State. I understand the anger and frustration at government, and the flaws in how our state is run, but the ramifications of a constitutional convention could leave a permanently altered political landscape,” said Kevin Peter Carroll.

“People may think it’s a great idea to call for a convention,” Carroll continued. “However, of the many possible revisions to the constitution, eliminating the right for workers to organize into unions sits chief among them. A significant threat to worker’s rights alone makes this a deal-breaker. Considering how much there is to lose, I am urging everyone to vote ‘No’ on holding a Constitutional Convention on November 7th.”