Kevin Peter Carroll Praises Cuomo for Refusing to Hand Over Voter Data

Brooklyn, New York: Kevin Peter Carroll, candidate for the New York City Council for the 43rd District, today, praised Governor Andrew M. Cuomo for refusing yesterday to turn over voter data to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

The commission, created to investigate claims of voter fraud and intimidation, has asked for voter data, dating back to 2006, from all 50 states and the District of Columbia containing every voter’s full name, date of birth, party affiliation, voter history, and the last four digits of their respective social security numbers.

“We all know what this is: Trump is still upset that he didn’t win the popular vote last November so he is saying those 4 million more votes Hillary got must have been fraudulent,” said Kevin Peter Carroll. “Like the petulant child that he is, he created a commission to tell him that he should have won in a landslide and say the only way to ensure he gets reelected in 2020 is to restrict even more people’s right to vote.

“I am very pleased that Governor Cuomo is refusing to comply with the Commission on Election Integrity’s request and appease Trump’s ego.

“The very fact that this president is trying to find ways to restrict people’s access to the ballot box is exactly why we need to expand people’s ability to exercise their right to vote.”