Kevin Peter Carroll Outraged by Anti-SAFE Act Bill

Brooklyn, New York: Kevin Peter Carroll, candidate for the 43rd City Council District, today expressed outrage at Republican Congressman Chris Collins’ proposed bill, the Second Amendment Guarantee Act. Should the bill become law, no state nor municipality will be able to impose any gun control laws which are stricter than federal law.

“This bill is beyond outrageous,” said Kevin Peter Carroll. “Not only will it destroy the SAFE Act but it will disseminate the strict anti-gun laws that have helped crime continue to drop here in New York City. Collins himself admitted this is just a ploy to anger Governor Cuomo. All I can say is ‘shame on Collins.’ He is a Congressman and he is introducing legislation which will put people’s lives at risk?!”

“By preventing people with histories of violence and people who could be a danger to themselves or others, by preventing the average Joe from possessing an assault weapon, this city and this state -and other localities with strict gun laws- are safer places.” Carroll continued, “If this bill passes, expect me, in my capacity as member of the City Council and Democratic District Leader, to join in a lawsuit to prevent this horrendous piece of legislation from ever becoming law, as Governor Cuomo is promising to do.”