Kevin Peter Carroll Receives $95K in Matching Funds from CFB

Brooklyn, New York: Kevin Peter Carroll, candidate for the 43rd City Council District, announced today that the Campaign Finance Board has awarded his campaign $95,095 in its first round of disbursements, which is the largest amount of public matching funds any council campaign in New York City is receiving at this time.

“The public matching program offered to candidates has a simple goal: to prioritize communicating with voters over wealthy interests. When you follow the rules and your campaign finances are completely transparent, you are rewarded,” said Kevin Peter Carroll. “The fact that we were one of the top recipients of matching funds is not only evidence that I run a clean and honest campaign, but that also my message resonates with voters.”

Of yesterday’s announced disbursements, the largest total given for a group of candidates was for those running to represent the 43rd District.

“I have heard people say that this is going to be a low-turnout election. But that is obviously a misnomer for the voters of Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, and Dyker Heights. Yesterday’s disbursements are proof that people are engaged!”