Kevin Peter Carroll Calls Foul on NY1

Network Says TV Set Cannot Accommodate Five Candidates

Brooklyn, New York: Kevin Peter Carroll, candidate for the New York City Council, today is calling foul on NY1 for refusing to host a debate for the candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for the 43rd Council seat because they do not have enough room for all of the candidates on their television set.

On Friday, August 18, NY1, on its program, Road to City Hall, hosted a debate of the four candidates seeking the Republican Party’s nomination. Spurred by this and discussions with voters, Carroll’s campaign reached out to NY1 to ask if and when a Democratic debate would be held. The campaign was told that the studio where Road to City Hall is filmed can only fit four candidates and, with five candidates on the Democratic side, NY1 would have a hard time accommodating them all.

“NY1 is telling us that we can’t debate on television because they cannot fit five people. That is just ridiculous.” Kevin Peter Carroll exclaimed. “The Republicans had their debate so we should have ours. If they can’t fit five people, that’s fine. I’m sure they can find room somewhere within their studio.”

Road to City Hall is the preeminent news show for everything related to New York politics,” Carroll continued. “Their own commentator Curtis Sliwa said last week that this was a race to watch. To say that we don’t deserve a televised debate is an afront to small ‘d’ democracy.”