It is easy to complain about the MTA but coming up with solutions is difficult. As councilman, I will work to make sure that the subways are accessible, reliable, and safe.


Too many of the subway stations in our district are not accessible to those who use wheelchairs. Adding in elevators is expensive. As your councilman, I will work with my partners in government, especially the mayoral appointees to the MTA board, to ensure that proper funding is allocated to make our subway stations ADA-compliant and that when major restoration work is done on a station, a budget line is included in the project for adding elevators and additional necessary work to make the station fully-accessible.


It seems that almost every weekend, the R train is shutdown for repairs which is completely understandable because the city is still recovering from the damage done by Superstorm Sandy. I will work as your councilman to ensure that on-time and reliable transit service is provided by the MTA.


With the up-tick in biased crimes and harassment of various sorts happening on subways and station platforms, people need to feel safe when they are riding the trains to work or leisure. Having been a member of the 68th Police Community Council, I know that people wish to feel secure when riding the subways. This is especially important considering that commutes are commonly listed as one of the most stressful parts of one’s day. I will work with the both the NYPD Transit Bureau and the MTA Police to ensure that police are not merely standing around to catch fare-jumpers but, rather, to keep riders protected.